Don’t Let COVID-19 Cancel Your Important Events: Livestream Them


With coronavirus health concerns going on around the globe, there’s no better time than right now to learn what the benefits of live streaming are and how you can use it.

Live streaming is taking off. Houses of worship are streaming their services because congregants can’t worship together. Schools across the country are closed forcing teachers to use distance and remote learning. And local governments are streaming video to communicate with the public. My personal trainer is offering video and one on one consultation to his older clients who aren’t leaving their homes right now.

Seeing live video of your teacher, your mayor, boss, family, or pastor is incredibly reassuring in times of uncertainty. And the technology is already here and commonly used for business on apps like Facetime, GotToMeeting, Zoom, and Google Hangouts. And if your standards aren’t too high, then you already have all you need on your smart phone.

Check out any of these links for detailed instructions on how to do it yourself on an iPhone or Android mobile device.

Businesses have been video conferencing for years with strong engagement and employee adoption to actually INCREASE productivitiy. According to Lifesize:

    • 89% of remote employees say video calling helps them feel more connected to their colleagues.
    • 76% percent of people use video collaboration to work remotely and, of those, 75% experience increased productivity and an improved work-life balance.
    • 82% of video users are less likely to multi-task on a video call than an audio one.
    • 89% agree that video calling reduces time to complete projects or tasks.
    • 90% say video makes it easier to get their point across.
    • 98% state that video calls help with relationship building both inside and outside the company.

So it’s clear live video is strong in business, but do you need higher quality live video streaming for events you’re inviting others to see in real time?

For bigger productions such as a keynote presentation, special event, etc. you can always hire Braly Image Group to do this for you and we will make it look really slick by using multiple, high-end cameras while also including your slide deck or power point or graphics and other videos. These kinds of productions are happening right now for special events, meetings, and weddings, allowing attendees to fully experience the event from the comfort of their own home. It costs a little more, but without having to cater to the attendees that you normally would, you may break even.

If you’re considering investing thousands of dollars to acquire all the professional gear necessary to it yourself. That’s a viable option if you’re planning to do this repeatedly. But when you get right down to it, all you really need to livestream cheaply is a phone, tablet or just laptop with a built-in camera and an account on your chosen platform such as Facebook Live.As long as “production quality” isn’t important, this will always be good enough for an informal business meeting or saying hello to neighbors or family. I would never recommend an iPhone video stream for your daughter’s wedding, or your church or synagogue’s worship service, and so on.

Whether your organization needs top quality live video, or if your smart phone will suffice is up to you, but live steaming HAS really ramped up in 2020 and it’s not going away.

One last note: are crew is very careful to abide by the federally advised social distancing measures, with full adherence to sanitary measures and ensuring we maintain a small footprint and that no one on the small crew is showing any symptoms of sickness before arriving for essential work related productions.

Our entire crew is concerned about this pandemic and our prayers go out to everyone impacted by the virus. Both to those who are working on the front lines of this crisis, to those who are sick, we wish you a full and speedy recovery and peace of mind for your loved ones. We will get through this. Please let me know if you need any help or have any questions.